Planning your second IVF baby

Second IVF Baby

The birth of a baby is a very joyous occasion. It can make you forget everything else for a while. Couples who have had an IVF baby find even more reason to celebrate. They have gone through much emotional and physical turmoil to get to this moment where they can hold their little bundle of joy. All those months of visiting the hospital and undergoing various medical treatments has finally culminated in anadorable baby.

An infertile couple is so desperate for a child that when they finally have one, they don’t think beyond that. Many couples feel that one child is enough. While other couples who have endured years of IVF treatment to get one child feel so glad for it, that they do not even think of having another child at that point.

However sometimes after 6 or 7 years some couple come back to the fertility clinic stating that they would like to have another child. Usually it is as a companion or a playmate for their other child.

Proper planning for a second child

Having many children is fine; however, they need to be planned in advance especially when you are not able to conceive naturally. Couples need to start planning their next IVF baby as soon as their first child is born. Attempting IVF treatment after so many years increases the risks and reduces the chances of IVF success as well.

The age factor

As a woman gets older the chances of IVF success lessens. Age plays a very important role in diminishing fertility and especially in the case of IVF. Hence, to plan a second IVF baby it should be done as soon as possible. The lesser the gap between the first child and the preparation for the next child, there is a higher chance of success.

When you start planning your baby immediately after your first child you can expect to have your two children with a gap of 2 or 3 years between them. But when you start planning after 7 years you may even end up with a gap of 9 to 12 years between your two children.

Preserving your eggs

Women who have had their eggs frozen have a better chance of IVF success than those who didn’t. Preserving your eggs may cost you, but it also assures you a better chance of IVF success in the future. Some couples freeze their embryos just in case, with the remote thought that someday they just might want to have another child.

These frozen embryos come in handy especially if there is a gap of many years since you had your last child. The likelihood of conceiving with your frozen embryos is much higher than with fresh embryos. This is because with age the quality of eggs and sperm deteriorates and hence the quality of your embryo will also reduce considerably. A good quality embryo is essential for IVF success. Very often the main cause of IVF failure is poor quality embryo.

Second time success 

Just because you had IVF success earlier it is no guarantee that you will experience IVF success again. However doctors do feel that your chances are brighter given your past history. Considering your age you may have to try several times before your get IVF success.

Trying for a second IVF baby soon after your first child is born does give you a higher pregnancy rate. However after the first baby is born few parent think about the second. The first IVF experience can be emotionally draining and couples feel glad that it is finally over.

Undergoing IVF treatment the second time around is much easier because you’ve been through it all and you are familiar with the entire do and don’ts. Having experienced success with one baby makes you much calmer and hopeful the second time. It is advisable to plan your second IVF baby as soon as possible.

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