IVF: More than just a Fertility Treatment

For most of the patients, IVF is just the most effective Fertility Treatment and their gateway to attain parenthood. But for IVF Specialists and fertility doctors, IVF is more than that. IVF throws up plenty of diagnostic and prognostic information that is otherwise almost impossible to obtain. There is no denying the fact that the preponderant objective of IVF Treatment is to provide baby to couples, but it also has several secondary benefits.

A lot of couples are being told that causes/reasons behind their infertility are unknown. In other words, they have unexplained infertility. IVF is deemed the best treatment to overcome unexplained infertility. During the course of IVF Treatment, doctors come across many minuscule details & nuances where were impossible to procure before the treatment. For example, some male patients suffer from sperm dysfunction even if the motility & quantity of sperm are decent. Due to this dysfunction, their sperm cannot fertilize eggs. IVF treatment is the only way to diagnose such dysfunctions.

Similarly, IVF is useful in attaining prognostic information as well. For example, it is an established medical fact that chances of getting pregnant among older women are lesser compared to younger women. But fertility anatomy of each older woman is different and it is not correct to make a generalized statement. During the IVF treatment, doctors to get to know about ovarian reserve of each woman and also their ovarian response. That helps doctors to determine whether to continuously proceed with IVF treatment (in case they’re producing embryos of good quality) or suggest them to opt for donor eggs (in case they’re unable to produce embryos of good quality).

It is hence fair to say that each IVF Treatment reveals crucial details about patients and that is why every IVF cycle must be properly and diligently documented for future references.

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