Advanced Technology

The variety and sophistication of technologies available today offer great news for couples who are struggling to conceive. The technologies include Computer-Aided Sperm Analysis, Endometrial Receptivity Array and Time Lapse Imaging to name just a few. Read on to learn more about the technologies that are bringing hope to couples all over the world.

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Success Stories from Happy IVF Couples
"Medicover Fertility made it a success"

I was quite struck by the integrity of doctors at Medicover Fertility. They were always willing to listen to me and provide suggestions. After looking at my reports they suggested a more economical option and assured me that it would suffice. They proved to be not just excellent doctors, but terrific mentors and counsellors too.

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Success Stories by Happy IVF Couples
"Wonderful Team"

Medicover’s cutting-edge laboratories are impressive and the specialists are highly experienced. These two elements are instrumental in making fertility treatment successful. Opt for Medicover Fertility and make a wise decision

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Testimonials from Happy IVF Couples
"Thank You for Changing Our Life"

I had a lot of pre-conceived notions about IVF. But the specialists stood by me and were candid but empathetic at the same time.

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Testimonial by Happy IVF Couples
"Thank You for Making Our Dream Come True"

I’m happy to say that going to Medicover Fertility turned out to be the best decision of our life. We wouldn’t have been able to savour the joys of parenthood without the expertise of Medicover Fertility doctors.

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Testimonials by Happy IVF Couples
"Thank you for completing our family"

Medicover Fertility has a host of doctors to take care of every complexity pertaining to infertility. I’m not surprised that the success rate of Medicover Fertility is a notch higher than other clinics.

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Time Lapse Imaging

This technology also enables frequent monitoring of the progress and development of embryos without exposing them to extraneous elements.

Unlike conventional single daily observations, time lapse technology provides hundreds of images, which allows pinpointing of key events in the embryo’s in vitro development, as well as the detection of brief but significant changes. This information is beneficial in selecting the most viable embryos from a cohort and increases the chances of a positive outcome.

Important parameters covered by this technique are the clinical aspects of time lapse imaging, morphokinetic timings, fertilization, compaction, blastulation, irregular cleavages, multinucleation, vacuolation, zona defects, and other topics.

“It’s almost like having embryos in the womb with a microscope on them,” Around half of all human embryos have a chromosomal abnormality. After fertilisation, these embryos normally fail to attach to the wall of the uterus or end in miscarriage. For couples using IVF, chromosomal abnormalities are the largest single reason treatment fails. Until now, the only way to identify chromosomal abnormalities was by an invasive biopsy by the embryologist to remove one or two cells of the developing embryo, which can risk damaging remaining cells.

Time-lapse imaging of human preimplantation IVF embryos has enabled objective algorithms based on novel observations of development (morphokinetics) to be used for the best embryo selection in the IVF laboratory. This time lapse imaging system take digital images of embryos at scheduled time intervals. These images then are managed by a very reliable and sensitive software that assesses critical and subtle growth milestones of the embryo.

Thus the embryologist is not required to remove the embryos from the incubator, thereby disturbing their surrounding environment, which is critical for their growth.

This time lapse system along with the software and some computer-assisted assessment give us a semi-quantitative process of embryo evaluation, so it offers a non-invasive method for the selection of embryos with highest implantation potential.

Benefits of Embryo Scope/Time Lapse Imaging

  • Monitors the development of embryos
  • Scores of live images and videos projecting the status of embryos at various points of time
  • Embryos are shielded from external elements