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29 July, 2016

Time is Running Out!

biological clock of fertility

It is extremely vital for women to monitor their biological clock of fertility. Unlike men, women cannot produce eggs all through their life. They are born with a limited reserve of eggs and it gets depleted every month until menopause. IVF specialists also state that as a female gets older, her chances of getting pregnant and being able to carry a baby in her womb becomes increasingly thin.

Furthermore, experts from chief surrogacy centers affirm that the contemporary woman is more independent, free-spirited and career oriented than ever before. They want to fulfill their professional dreams before starting or expanding their family.

The problem arises when they finally decide to have children but their biological clock has stopped ticking.  Nonetheless, the advancement of science and technology has an answer for such females - In Vitro Fertilization.

But before heading for IVF, IVF specialists suggest the undertaking of the following steps:

  • Pay a visit to a Fertility expert - it is recommended to consult a fertility specialist before trying for a baby. This can help one understand the present condition of their reproductory system and whether an infertility treatment is required.
  • Map the reproductory cycle - Mapping one’s ovulation is a good idea. It helps in deciphering how regular and well functioning their reproductory cycle is. Also, there are quite a few home ovulation kits available in the market today that can be used easily to determine when a female ovulates.
  • Gain sufficient information about Donor Eggs - if one is planning to have a baby later in life but is completely oblivious to the fact that conceiving becomes harder and harder as one grows older, then they are in for massive disappointment and loss of opportunity. Hence, it is immensely significant that anyone planning to delay having a child must have adequate knowledge about fertility and fertility related problems.

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