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04 April, 2017

Pregnancy symptoms for twins in IVF

twins pregnancy symptoms

The common belief is that with assisted reproductive technique there is a high probability of having twin or multiple pregnancies. Many couples who visit a fertility clinic share their concerns regarding having twins or multiple pregnancies with the IVF procedure. However, the risk of multiple pregnancies is only in the case of certain IVF procedures and not all.

In general, the possibility of twins is 3% and is triplets 0.1%. The statistics for IVF twins is 25% and the likelihood of triplets is 4%. It has however been noticed that over recent years multiple pregnancies are becoming more common with natural pregnancies. This could be due to the fact that women now have children when they are older. Age increases the likelihood of multiple pregnancies.

Women who undergo the IVF treatment can expect to have multiple pregnancies due to a number of different factors related to the procedure. Under the IUI treatment where the sperm of the male partner is injected into the woman uterus, there is a high possibility that more than one egg may fertilise leading to multiple pregnancies. In this procedure the sperm are washed and only the healthy ones are injected into the female partners’ uterus.Since the sperm used, are mainly of a good quality and they are in the vicinity of the eggs,there is a possibility that multiple eggs may get fertilised. This is not a rule, and generally IUI results in a single pregnancy.

Pregnancy symptoms of twins
Many IVF patients are apprehensive about having twins and the effect that the multiple pregnancies will have on their body. Here are a few initial pregnancy symptoms which can tell you not only that you are pregnant but that you are probably expecting twins or more. It is also important to understand that different women’sbodies respond differently and it is not mandatory that you experience all of these symptoms. Similarly it is also possible that you may be having twins even if you do not have any of these symptoms. Or you could have these symptoms and have a single pregnancy.

Every woman is curious about the success of her IVF procedure. These are just general look out signs that can give you an initial inkling about your pregnancy and the possibility that you may be expecting multiple babies.

Extreme fatigue: Fatigue is a common pregnancy symptom. However, mothers who are expecting twins are likely to feel unusually very tired. With twins your hormone levels are twice as much. When your body says it is tired, it is best to rest for a while.

Mood swings: A certain amount of mood swings is common for a woman during a hormonal change in her body which includes during her menstrual cycle. However, if a woman is showing signs of unusually sudden mood changes, it is worth taking note that she just might be pregnant with twins. If these mood swings have increased after an IVF procedure, then you can be pretty sure you are pregnant and probably have twins on the way.

Nausea: Women who are expecting twins begin to experience nausea much earlier on in their pregnancy. Most women expecting twin experience very severe morning sickness.

High HCG levels: When you are expecting twins your HCG levels go up very high. The pregnancy test will give you a pregnancy confirmation much soon than you would have got with a single pregnancy.

Weight gain: When you are expecting twins you will find that you suddenly start putting on weight. Weight gain is experienced due to the increased blood volume and the larger size of the uterus. You may also feel the desire to eat more.

Expecting twins puts the mother and the babies at high risk. If you are expecting twins ensure that you eat well and get proper rest.

Despite all the signs and symptoms that you may be experiencing, it is best not to jump to conclusions. An ultra sound is the best way to confirm the nagging suspicion that you may be having twins.


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