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25 April, 2016

When IVF Treatment Fails

reasons of ivf failure

In vitro fertilization(IVF) treatment represents a great advancement for couples who experience fertility challenges. But, there is no fertility treatment with a guaranteed 100% success rate. That means for some, it will not work. At least not in the first attempt.

It is difficult to cope with an IVF treatment failure. Couples invest a sizable amount of money and a great deal of hope in the process. So coping with IVF failure can be very hard because it follows a string of earlier failures. There are several factors that can cause the failure of IVF, and failure is often no one’s fault. Patients must remember that it sometimes takes several cycles before success is achieved. Perseverance is key.

Though patients sometimes blame their fertility consultant when treatment fails, they must remember that doctors want a successful outcome as much as they do. It is important for everyone – doctors and patients both – to remain positive while considering the next step. Whatever the cause of the failure, the couple and doctor must work as a team in order to achieve success.

It’s best to avoid the blame game, whether the blame is assigned to the doctor, the clinic or the patient herself. No one wins and blaming proves to be destructive. As mentioned, sometimes it takes several cycles before success is realized, so remaining positive is important.

Doctors acknowledge that It is important to advise their patients in a responsible way so that they are realistic about their chances of starting a family. Open and honest communication is important and will put the couple in a better position to deal with disappointment if the treatment fails. An honest assessment of the treatment and the possible causes for its failure can also help the couple move forward, armed with information that can be used to improve their chances for success.


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