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22 July, 2016

Is My IVF Pregnancy Healthy?

IVF pregnancy health check up

The first few weeks of a pregnancy are very very crucial and special care needs to be taken to ensure the proper progress of the pregnancy. This care becomes all the more necessary when the baby has been achieved through IVF or IUI because conceiving the baby must have already been an extremely difficult and excruciating task for the parents-to-be and they are in no position to lose their one chance of being parents.

Not just IVF pregnancies are vulnerable in the first few weeks, if not taken well care of, normal pregnancies too can suffer from several problems in the initial phase of pregnancy. This is the reason why all pregnant women are suggested to make sure they get regular check-ups and take proper precautions in the first month or four weeks of pregnancy. After two months or eight weeks, scans and ultrasounds are performed in the patient. These scans allow the doctor and the patients to discover the condition, position and heartbeat of the baby.

The good thing with infertility patients is that they are monitored all through their treatment by their IVF doctors and specialists. Being under expert and experienced surveillance, chances of the occurrence if a pregnancy related complication is positively low. Furthermore, regular check-ups and counseling with the doctor help the patients be aware of even the minutest symptoms that denote that there is some trouble with the pregnancy. Regular check-ups, as mentioned earlier, help in finding out even the tiniest possibility of a complication that may develop into a life threatening problem for the mother as well as the baby.

In case a patient suffers from any symptoms such as sharp pain in the abdominal area, profuse bleeding and others to name a few, they must not waste a single minute and approach their doctors as soon as possible.


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