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21 July, 2016

How To Prepare For An IVF treatment?

ivf treatment preparation

Nothing can be better than taking the second and the most important step towards obtaining a child for infertile couples, the first being approaching an IVF doctor. But is just stepping into the blessed and promising world of IVF enough? Or are there certain steps that patients or infertile couples need to take?


IVF specialists from the top IVF clinics state that indeed, there are. Patients must prepare their bodies well and make some modifications in their lifestyle to prepare and ready their bodies to go through grueling tests, hormone injections, medicines, drugs and finally for women, pregnancy.

Experts and experienced doctors from the best surrogacy clinics state that the following rules must be followed by infertile couples even before they enter the doctor’s clinic:-

  • Weight – Maintaining a normal BMI or Body Mass Index is very important for the would-be-mother. A normal BMI range is 18.5 Kg/m2 to 24.9 Kg/m2. A woman can be underweight or overweight, in both the cases; her pregnancy is hugely vulnerable and susceptible to miscarriage. Furthermore, inadequate or too much weight hampers the normal production of eggs too.
  • Exercise – Yoga and breathing exercises are superb for the body. They make the body calm, flexible for the long run. Although, exercise is necessary to maintain healthy body weight, but too much of it can cause adverse effects and affect the productivity of eggs in the ovaries.
  • Alcohol – it has been scientifically proven that alcohol can be pretty helpful for the body. But too much of anything is abnormal and causes pertinacious effects on the body. In fact, excessive alcohol consumption causes depletion in egg production in women and sperm production as well as quality in men. Thu, alcohol consumption must be restricted.
  • Smoking – smoking is deadly for the entirety of the body. It can not only cause weight problems, breathing or lung problems. But also fertility problems like low egg yield in women and poor production, quality, mobility of sperms in men. Hence, it is better to avoid it completely.

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