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11 March, 2017

Don’t over-complicate IVF Treatment

Over Complicate IVF Treatment

There is a string of IVF Hospitals in India which excels in rendering top-flight infertility treatment. Yet most of them have the tendency to baffle unsuspecting, and often oblivious of nitty-gritty of infertility treatment in India, patients through their elaborate and overly complicated mechanism.

There is no denying the fact that IVF Treatment is a complex one and has a lot of dynamics, but fertility specialists must bear in mind that patients are mostly not cognizant of difficult technical terms. While they (fertility experts) must take up cudgels to inform patients about essential details of the treatment, usage of too many medical jargons can leave them bemused.

One must understand that patients seeking infertility treatment are usually on tenterhooks and emotionally fragile so doctors must treat them calmly. Doctors need to deal with them sensitively and must make efforts to put them ease and be totally transparent as well as candid. It is crucial to apprise them of the overall procedure and vital points but one has to explain everything in a simple and comprehensible manner. If the patients are treated in this manner they will understand easily and might feel comfortable while undergoing IVF treatment.

Also, some of the unwarranted things can be done away with. For example, when patients are super-ovulated with HMG injections, doctors tell them to take injections at particular times each day. But in reality, this adds little or no value to the final outcome but keeps patients worried. That is why it is recommended to keep the list of instructions (Dos and Have Don’ts) brief and snappy. Only those prescriptions and instructions which are really important and are likely to make a difference to the final outcome must be included.

In this way, patients are completely clued-in as well as clear in their head about the proceedings.


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