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10 April, 2017

Diagnosing and treating infertility

Diagnosing and Treating Infertility

Today IVF has become a term synonymous with fertility treatment. This is not far from the truth as IVF is the most common fertility treatment. A very large percentage of couples usually opt for IVF to help them have a baby. The slogan, ”Have an IVF baby” has much more to it than meets the eye. To start with IVF inspires hope. Only a childless couple can truly understand the depth of its meaning. It gives them great relief to know that there is still a way to have a baby where they thought that they were doomed.

How do you know if you are infertile? 

Most couples find out that they are infertile after trying to get pregnant for a couple of years. When they have no success with conception they consult a doctor. In most cases the couple would choose to visit a gynaecologist assuming that it is a problem with the reproductive organs of the female partner.

The doctor ideally would prescribe some tests for both partners. Usually the doctor is able to decipher the exact problem from the test results. Sometimes the problem may be an obstruction or an infection that is preventing you from conceiving. Blocked fallopian tubes are a common problem that many women have to deal with. Depending on the blockage a doctor may suggest a laparoscopic surgery to remove the blockage or some other course of treatment.

In some cases the reason for infertility may be more complex. In this kind of situation the gynaecologist will usually refer the patient to a fertility consultant.

Infertility in the male

Many people are not aware that male infertility could also be the reason why the couple is not able to conceive. In almost 20% of the cases the problem is an issue of male fertility.The most common cause of male infertility today is due to unhealthy lifestyle choices. Male infertility is usually linked to the inability to produce sperm or poor quality sperm. Men are now beginning to lay aside their egos and accept that they have a fertility problem.

The usual IVF treatment suggested by doctors in the case of male infertility is IUI or ICSI. However it is based on the quality of the sperm. If the sperm quality is too poor or the male partner has no sperm, then the doctor may suggest donor sperm.

Infertility of the female

There are many complex issues with the female reproductive organs that could be the reason behind your infertility. Most commonly women find that they are suffering from blocked fallopian tubes. Other issues may be unreceptive or unhealthy uterus which could possibly lead to the inability to conceive or frequent miscarriage. Poor quality eggsare also a cause in some cases. Problems with the ovaries are another common problem and conditions such as Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) just adds to the number of reasons many women find they are not able to conceive naturally.

Treating infertility

Infertility treatment depends on the problem and what is hindering the couple from getting pregnant. The In vitro Fertilization treatment is the most common and successful fertility treatment that is being used to help infertile couples today. This treatment enables couples to have a baby through assisted reproductive technique.There are many Fertility clinics that specialise in IVF treatment and help the infertile couple through the various steps of the treatment program. Variations in the fertility treatment are determined as per the results and the response to different medication.

Medicover Fertility has a panel of highly experienced and skilled fertility consultants who are able to correctly advise you about your medical condition and the suitable treatment option. Medicover is a European brand. It maintains international standards as well as employs the latest techniques to see the IVF treatment culminate in success.


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